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                          BRIEF HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL 

Balaji Public School is situated at Malerna Road, Ballabgarh, Faridabad running under the aegis of Balaji Welfare and Educational Society. This school was established in April 2004 and has been progressing well in all sphere of activities under the dynamic leadership of Sh. Sabarjeet Singh Fauzdar who heads as President of the Balaji Welfare and Educational Society. The vision of the President of the society is to work for the propagation of education and also to promote the cultural literacy, social and religious activities and functions among the students so as to prepare them for future leadership of the country. The society aims to provide educational/financial assistance to the deserving and poor students.

Since the inception of the school, the school has been successfully achieving its sole objective of providing education to the children of all sections of the society in the adjoining area. The School Management every year awards the scholarships to the children who stand first, second and third positions in their respective classes (section-wise).

Balaji Public School takes its firm roots on the pillars of discipline, sincerity & quality. It is now a fully bloomed institution, sprinkling fragrance all around with regard to the educational needs of the children of this area.



To promote and encourage the students for all-round development, teachers of the school have been actively engaged to explore the hidden talent in the young minds by organizing various inter-house activities in the school. The students have been divided into Five Houses namely:- GANDHI HOUSE, NEHRU HOUSE, SHANTI HOUSE, AHIMSA HOUSE, and JYOTI HOUSE. The motto of each house is to “Work hard until we get success in our work.” The students have been participating in the inter-house competition with great zeal and enthusiasm. Students of all houses are hardworking and devoted to the work given to them time to time by their House Incharges / Teachers. School drives are organized some times weekly and sometimes fortnightly to focus the attention of the students and teachers on certain themes or topics of general interest. The students and teachers are encouraged to prepare write-ups and present the same in the Morning Assembly which is the part of the Inter-House Competition. The students prepare articles and put up on wall magazines.



In addition to excellence in education, our school’s children brought laurels to the school by winning medals in the Regional and National Tae-Kwondo Championships.




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Various activities have been planned according to different age-groups which are compulsory for all eg. general knowledge, activity club, work-experience, ...

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